We all love clubbing by all I mean most of the youths. Every Friday night you will spot a squad of dudes going to party with the intentions of having a good time. But once guys get in the club, a couple of drinks and you will clearly see the ones who can’t handle their…Continue Reading “Menezification: Here’s just a short list of Bro-No’s that every man should know”

The entertainment Industry is growing and it is causing ripples. The rate of the investment is sizably increasing. However the industry is changing and the competition is cut throat and you need to have some tips on how to grow your brand and just investing in the entertainment industry. Find out if you are on…Continue Reading “Our 2 Shillings: Tips on investing in the Entertainment industry”

By Beverly Masita This is the part where you wonder why someone whom you think or thought to be uglier than you actually has a boyfriend/girlfriend. WHY? Because this person, forget the physical appearance, is brilliant, is intelligent. And they can be bed(ed) and dated because of just that. First of all a sapiosexual is…Continue Reading “Empty Glasses of Vodka: Why You Should Be Sapiosexual?”

By Bramwel Konana Becky and Caro have once again alerted our love sensors with an untamed love song dubbed ‘Ride Or Die’. The talented songbirds, Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru last dropped their first hit single about six months ago known as ‘1234’. Later on, they had their other tracks ‘Toka’ and ‘Brathe’ manoeuvring through…Continue Reading “Beat Drop: Ride or die with Band Beca”

By Daniels George Be aware of these two groups of online scammers Before we dive in to the online opportunities available, you need to be fully aware of the threats you are likely to face when starting out your career in the online realm. Getting scammed online is one of the things you need to watch…Continue Reading “Tech Plug: Kenyans: This is what no one told you about internet marketing”

Our writer Dennis Menez looks at 10 sure fire ways of speeding up your Android Smartphone Android smartphones are blazing fast these days with processors, RAM and storage type working in conjunction to make everything snappy. However, often with time, many of them slow down as more ‘junk’ keeps getting stored in the form of…Continue Reading “10 Ways to Speed up Your Android Smartphone”

I am a good fun loving person. In fact I like music a lot and when Groove Awards 2018 happened I was excited. To be fair it is one of the best planned music award ceremonies in East Africa. Every celebrity and politician wants to sit and be awarded front row seats to the event….Continue Reading “Untamed Talk: Rotten Gospel Music or Is It Just Too Much Into Relatability?”

Before I came up with this article I was battling with whether I should file a column for today or just apologize on Twitter and allow you guys to move on to Tuesday. Reason being I have a bitch ass cold that won’t let me go or at least pretend to leave me alone for a…Continue Reading “Untamed Talk: Sammroi made our relationships dirt come out now it is time to fix it”

  Sunday is a day I read a lot of articles and just reflect about the new week that is about to come. I ran into an interesting article that was written by Boniface Mwangi on sex and family planning that made me want to write this article. Conversations on sex have been avoided in…Continue Reading “Untamed Talk: Sex is something we need to talk about without staring at our shoes”

By Esther Adwets I’m tired of people always going through a really long process when there’s always a shorter way being straight forward. I’m tired of humans always taking advantage of the little control that they have over there significant others, talk of friends, spouse or another being they relate with in one way or…Continue Reading “Of souls and scars: Letter from a disadvantaged girl”

by David Mwenda This week Ezekiel Mutua the chairman of the KFCB is back on the headlines and it was not for any good reason well from my point of view.  Let me go through this very quickly. Rafiki a film that was set to premiere at the Cannes Festival was banned. Reason it had very…Continue Reading “Untamed Talks: Banning of Rafiki a step back for our film industry”

By Esther Adwets He must have told you I’m his ex girlfriend, but that’s after you saw his beautifully candy coated lies on my Instagram (stalker alert). He must have told you I hurt him badly or maybe that we broke up over insecurity and distance, but oh boy, my insecurities weren’t groundless, they we just too…Continue Reading “OF SOULS AND SCARS : Letter from a girl with a golden heart💛”