Mystery behind Education and Talent

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Have you ever had problems focusing on education and pursuing your career at the same time? Most of the time people find it hard to do this. I decided to talk to some of the famous teens you see on Television, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram exploring their talent.
Many of us do not want to search their talents. They are busy listening to myths rather than facts. Where the society tells us, that we cannot work or do two activities at a period of time or talent does not pay. These teens prove beyond doubts that most of this myths if not all are wrong. They have gone beyond their comfort zone. They have gone beyond their fears to reach where they are.
This time I got to speak to Sammy well known as Tosh .That guy who rocks it at Machachari. Those who are fans of this show know him well. He is a guy who has great mindset. He proves that age is not a barrier to success. Here is a one on one talk with Sammy through Instagram and by mail
1. To start with, a lot of youths would love to know your age; how old are you?
I am 16 turning 17 on April 7
2. Did you join Machachari when it was already a major hit, how did you find the crew and all?
Yes I joined Machachari when it was already a major hit. Well the crew and cast welcomed me very well and took me as a colleague, a friend and family
3. How do you balance school and talent at the same time?
Well about school and work, it’s simple. I focus on my education and nothing else .When at work I put my mind to work. So it’s all about putting your mind to one thing
4. Any projects you working on?
Projects, yes I’m currently working on a brand called Xentertainment. The purpose of the company is to help youths with talents to explore them and put them to good use.
5. Who is your role model and why?
Well that would be Samuel L. Jackson, he is very focused on what he’s doing and he fits into his character very well no matter what challenge he has ahead of him.
6. Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career as an actor.
That would be the day I went to shoot King Kaka’s music video for Papa ,that was a great accomplishment for me it showed me that I was going somewhere.
7. Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you presumed?
OK, well, that was when I was to do an advert for Gor Mahia cover but then it happened that the advert was cancelled
8. Which celebrities you believe are the most influential in Kenya and why?
Talia Oyando she has this influence over teens because of the television show she has and the radio program too, many people get to hear her and listen to her
-Khaligraph Jones well I think people just love this guy I mean a lot of people always want to know what he’s on about in his daily life not only in Kenya but in Africa
9. What inspires you to do what you do?
My inspiration comes from my family and fans. I do it because I want to help them in any way I can. Most of the kids who have talent are being locked away from doing it by their parents or guardians and that’s why I developed a company called Xentertainment. This company is to help people explore their talents to the max
10. What do you believe you are known for?
I won’t lie I think am known for my acting in television apart from that maybe the people who know me that well might know me for something else
11. What’s the most interesting thing about you that we would only learn from you?
I think that would be my courage and self-motivation many people ask me how am able to go in front of thousands and it’s because of that but I think many can do it if you only believe in yourself that you can.
12. What’s your word of advice to the youths out there who don’t believe in pursuing their talents?
First God gave you a talent because he knew it was gonna help you somewhere in life so use it if you have it get people to help you because know the world has changed people are getting rich by using their talents but on the same education is also needed so you have to balance between both Don’t let anyone bring you down
13. As a youth, what things would you propose to end this unemployment among fellow youths?
We should try and get papers you know at least there you can get some employment for those who can’t you can use your talent too, its true not everyone is gonna make it in life but try your best and do your education and your talent can help you get there, and the government should support us youths by providing sponsorship or even setting up youth development areas where youths can go and do something instead of nothing
14. What inspiring statement or quote would you give to our youths out there?
When you focus on change you will never get results but if you focus on results you will get change