Diary of a retired CEO: Getting used (part 2)

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It was yet another day for Anthony on retirement day. His alarm went off at 7:00 am in the morning. The only time he had woken up at this time was when he was working or when he was on leave and even then he would have a full schedule of things to do.

He was not used to this kind of life .He was learning how life ended up  difficult when you are retired. He was not used to waking up and finding his alarm only ringing.

On a normal workday he would find a bunch of emails. People pitching ideas for his business, fans who wanted advice, alerts on important things that needed his attention like a politician who was unsatisfied by the level of journalism in his company or a business man who wanted to sue the company for defamation.

The best thing he had gotten from his email this morning was an invite to speak at the National Election Conference on the role of the media in an election. He was very insistent on making sure that the media is doing the right thing in reporting stories on the election. His choice to remain non partisan and not endorsing any party during his tenure at Blair Media. At a time when media stations were endorsing different parties and were being attacked for being partial and one sided.

He was not sure whether he should go. It was to be the next week .He did not feel like going and neither was he interested. He felt like he did not have to do anything in the last couple of days. He just wanted to laze around and reminisce about his past life and drink coffee in the terrace.

He had a knock at the door. It was Hamza, his house help. She wanted to clean his room. He woke up and opened the door and went to the living room where his coffee was awaiting. He was going to be having coffee with Rachel as she gave him briefs about his calendar for the next few days. It is not like it was anything interesting; just a few commitments about the handover ceremony at the company.

He was not even interested he just wanted to end this for once. The company had someone to replace him. It was Doris Mwaniswa the finance manager at Google Kenya. He thought they would pick a journalist like him. The board thought otherwise and wanted someone with business experience to increase profits.

Rachel was in the living room before him.

“You’re early,” he said smiling

“And you’re late,” she replied.

They both laughed and soon got down to business. Anthony was briefed quickly about the ceremony. The when and where of the event (Blair House his old office on Friday at 11:00 am). He made mental notes of this.

Once the briefing was done he sent Rachel home for the rest of the day. The rest of the day was spent on reading books and listening to old records from his television. He was beyond bored with this kind of life. He never knew life was going to be this way. He had looked forward to these days but now he was dreading them.  He felt like he was meaningless. He felt like starting a business or looking for employment.

The day quickly ended and dinner quickly came. He ate in a hurry as if he was being chased. He was soon done and he bid Hamza goodbye and told her to show up a bit late that day since he did not have any plans.

As soon as he was done he closed the door and headed to bed. The whole house was quiet. He had only shut his eyes for a few minutes when he had the sound of a car hooting at his gate.

“Now who is showing up at this time, don’t people value sleep,” he thought to himself.

He lazily walked out of his room lazily as the watchman had already opened the gate. It was Mark’s car. He opened the door.

“You never sleep do you?” he asked Mark as soon as he got to the main door.

“Actually couldn’t sleep. Scotch you interested?” Mark asked holding a bottle of scotch.

“Could use some of that, why you bringing in the good stuff?” Anthony asked.

They settled in Mark’s study for the night cap.

“How’s retirement?” Mark asked after two glasses

“Tough, boring, you know I never get anything to do to make me feel fulfilled nowadays” Anthony was ready to spill it all.

“I get you; the first few weeks are like that. You think everyone you knew has forgotten about you. You’re lonely most of the time. You need to find something to keep yourself busy; speaking engagements, charity or play golf that kind of stuff.”

“I did not know you are good at pep talks” Anthony joked “but I’ll try and do that, I got this invitation to speak at the National Election Conference I’ll try doing that.”

The two went on with their drinks and laughing and giving stories until 2 am in the morning.

At 2 Anthony bid Mark farewell and told him “Visit more often; it doesn’t hurt for you to do it now does it? hahaha”

Mark answered “Fine I’ll try hahaha”

Anthony went to bed after texting Rachel to accept the speaking engagements that had been booked. 

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