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We either spend eight hours a day working or learning. But most of our free time is spent on social media. This is a lifestyle that most of the teens and youths have adopted. You either slay it online,work it out or fake it. But some of us just go to view news and insights to keep up with the daily talks and trends

Whether looking at slaying or news. Social media as hindered us from thinking beyond the beds we sleep on. We do not want to think any more. It is true that 85%of us do not think at all,10% think that they think and only 5%of us actually think. We get to pass some bills and make major government decisions by just communicating on our social media.And we still wonder how incest ,homosexuality and bestiality end up accepted

 It’s always as simple as ABC.We all make stupid comments online.Less do we know that we have given someone somewhere an idea and the vote to debate his or her way out. People do reports by researching about people’s ideas online. No one has time to meet people and talk to them. So we end up voting for things we don’t believe in just carelessly. Let’s start thinking about what we do with our time online. Let’s use this platform’s in a better way or the next idea you will be passing will be your death bill and you don’t want to know how it turns.


World Trends

After that clear chat. It is time we get to have a look at the decisions we made directly or indirectly through our irresponsibility.

1-Adultery is allowed in South Africa, 

Man or woman no longer has the right to repudiate each because adultery is allowed

2-The United States confirmed that for all countries in the  world to build good relations with great power, these countries must practice  homosexual marriage (woman + woman = 1 or

Man + man = 1).

3. Germany had just signed the law which declares

that there is no more incest, that is to say: Brother and

Sisters can get married, Mum with her son and

Dad with his daughter ..

4-The City of Miami is now proclaiming a City of public sex which means that on the road, church, market, football field etc if you need sex you can have it publicly without having any problem.

5-Canada allows bestiality (sex with Animals) In Spain: pornographic films are allowed in high school and universities.

6- The authorization of the prostitution of minors,

Marg Luker declares that any young girl at the age of 10 feels sexual pleasure and

no one should defend that person from discovering how her body works.

7- Finally, the US has opened the church of satanic publicly

That is just but a few. The world is changing.We just need to know where we stand at.