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   by kelvin Muthomi


Should we blame our drivers? Should we blame the government? Should we blame the traffic police and NTSA? Should we blame the Kenyan engineering? But should we point a finger a finger to any of the bodies that we have entrusted our road safety with? Let’s keep in mind that when a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that three of his fingers are pointing at himself. Yes I have never heard any mortal man blame the gravity for falling in love. Then I remember I am a Kenyan, I have no right to blame myself but blame the rest of my countrymen. We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the teachers but never blame yourself. But we forget it’s always our fault, because if you want change you’re the one who has change.

Age and car factor

It is a commonly held that young drivers are the ones who cause more accidents but elderly people are three times likely to cause an accident. But in our beloved country we have to blame everybody, sorry to say so, but I mean it. One evening after my school work, I met a government-owned vehicle driving on the wrong lane outside Equity bank Kimathi Street. This is the worst driven vehicles in Kenya followed by public service vehicles. This is what makes matatu drivers to be referred to as little hecklers and murders.

Most of PSV vehicles in Kenya are un roadworthy, mostly the ones plying short distances and a few plying long distances. But I say if you drive a rubbish car, you have no interest in cars and driving, and if you have no interest you are not good at it and that your driving license should be taken. Most PSV are driven in mind-blowing speeds by some absolute maniacs. In a PSV you must be prayerful because here you cling with your life. The situation get worse during festive season. Every driver is always guided by one quote” TAKE ME TO VICTORY CAR, SHOW ME YOUR MUSCLES”.

 But then we have our two-wheeled drivers who have converted our Kenyan roads into motoGP race tracks. They pose the greatest danger on the road. They have stupid alternatives of evading heavy traffic and are rampant. Bloody hell. Most of them are not conversant with traffic rules and ride because they think it’s their right. I once read an article on motorcycles. The expensive ones will maim you and the cheap ones will transform the rider into a brainless arsonist who like the Cro-Magnon who first chanced upon an open flame, thinks fire is a God sent solution to any of humanity problems. Look at what they have done in this country.

Look out for Kelvin’s story in chapter two of SET TO KILL OURSELVES.