By Tonny Brian Mugambi

It is a great new month and there is more to be expected after the 700days of January. We all don’t expect this month to be like any other. Beginning with the love stories that feel the air to the sporty activities for the football fans. It is quite a confusing year where men and ladies don’t get to a common point of order unless you ain’t a football fan like me
It is a month where a mother delivered a new soul to the world. A soul that was welcomed with both laughter and tears. But for me this is not a letter to the 20year old me but a token of appreciation for being brought to this world on this third day of February.
It is my twentieth birthday. Having seen nineteen other years I have nothing to argue about and all to be thankful for. People normally celebrate themselves in such a day but I want to do it in a different way. For me this is a day to celebrate everyone who has played a role in my better being and in strengthening me.
It is a day to thank the almighty God for all that I got in my life. For giving me the strength to persevere and stand against all odds. Strengthening me through all temptation and holding my hand every time I slide back. its a great day to think of my great future and ask for Gods help
This third day of this month is a day that my mom celebrates me .Its also I day I get to celebrate her for all the efforts she has made to get me where I am. All the time she fought for me and gave me the strength to stand up for myself. There ain’t much I can say but say thanks for all she has done. Surely all her efforts won’t fall on deaf ears.
My Grandmum and Granddad,I got a lot to say this day. To you I was not just your grandson. I was more than that. The countless advice you gave me. I know I was stubborn but trust me I heard you right and I worked on it. All that is in my heart. I won’t forget the numerous times you both forgot and said ‘your mum’ or ‘your dad’ while you meant ‘your grandmother or grandfather’. It showed how much I meant to you guys.
To my friends,it is an honor having you. From the first person who made me feel how it is to love and be loved. You built me and advised me to stand for what I believe in. You showed me I was destined for much. Its an honor having you “toto”.

My Teen Network family, you are the reason I seat up late and always out of credit. But that’s not what I remember you for. You are the reason why I think about my future. You are the reason why I work on my talent and expand my imagination. All the times you have helped me be a better leader, that is reason enough to celebrate you guys today. You are part of my family.
To my relatives,it is more than an honor to have you. All the times you advised me to keep strong. All the times you played with me and gave me the energy to face life though I had enough reasons to quit. All the times you took me as your son. My Aunts and Uncle’s you are my heroes. It is an honor having you by my side.
This list is endless. But those many heroes i n my life as I turn 20.They are the people who always wish me a great future directly or indirectly. It is my prayer they all get to achieve your dreams and keep on living this happy life. This 19 years have taught me one thing. I was born, ,raised and surrounded by love. I don’t have time to hate and keep grudges. If you don’t understand love. Then you will never understand me. Life is too short for grudges and fights.
It is just a happy day for me.Happy birthday to me and thanks to everyone. Think love and build love.Just share the love to all who you love and want to spend your life with or near. You control where to direct your emotions. It is that easy

Tonny Brian is President of Teen Network Magazine

Post Author: Teen Network

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