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New beginnings

The stage was set he was pretty much ready. After all he had been doing this for a long time. He had done many speaking events even before. Anthony was ready, he felt ready to face the world. He was ready to face it no matter what.
His first speaking event was the National Election Conference. It was a few months before the general elections. He was ready to give his speech on the role of the media and the election. It was a topic that was ready to tackle. He had had a lot of experience with the topic having been head of a media house for close to 20 years was not easy.
When he rose to the pulpit he felt some sense of nostalgia. He felt like it was his first time doing a speaking event. He felt some sense of fresh air, there was something about pulpits that excited him. It was like a child being given a sweet for the first time and he loves it. They smile and coo at the person who has given you the sweet.
This time he was smiling at his audience. They were giving him that look one he had taken the podium. Who does not look at the speaker with that kind of eye of, who is this? What do they want to tell me? Hope he does not stay too long on that podium? I swear if this speech is more than 20 minutes I’ll walk out to go for that meeting with Becky from Finance who has been hounding me for the department budget?
For Anthony he was ready to make sure that no one walks out of the event. The room was half full not so many people were present at the afternoon event. But he soldiered on after all even one person was audience. He was sure that he was going to leave an impact and sure after 30 minutes when he ended his speech and everyone stood in awe of the way he had handled the issue.
The event soon came to an end and everyone was having drinks. Who does not love drinks and some fun? To Anthony however all he could think of is going home and planning for his next event. He was seated enjoying some scotch when someone tapped him.
She was looked at him with some deep look. He looked at her and quickly smiled.
“ Sumira!” he exclaimed.
Sumira was always looking radiant. Her smile always made you feel a certain kind of feeling. Her smile and beauty however fooled many. Especially in the political scene, everyone thought she was weak but instead she proved to be a force. Not just any force but a force to reckon with. This force made her gain some power. From the streets running activism blogs to Member of Parliament to Governor of Nairobi to running for President in this election.
“Nice speech there, I liked it. The media needs to step up like you said.” Sumira said.
“Glad you liked it. if you will excuse me I have to leave.” Mark tried to leave but she held hand
“No don’t go, I need to talk to you about something. My private office”
In the last 20 years no one had dared to touch him and told him not to do something he wanted to. I guess that was the thing about running a company you are the boss. He chose to be nice.
“Let’s go,” he said in a subdued voice.
The drive to her private office at Anniversary Towers was marked with some deafening silence. They did not have anything to say anything to say to each other. The driver finally turned over.
The guard opened the door quickly and led both of them to the backroom. They did not want any front line pages of a secret meeting between a media mogul and a Presidential Candidate. When they got to the office Sumira asked him to seat, Anthony did as he was told anyway what could he do?
“I am sure you are wondering why I brought you here, you have seen my campaign has had a few problems and I need your help. I need a new campaign manager and I think you could do a good job on this.” She started.
“But you have a campaign manager. He is good why are you kicking him out? Also what makes you think I know anything about politics?” Anthony asked perplexed.
“The fact that you are already defending yourself this fast makes you perfect for the job.” She replied
“Look I can’t do this. I would love to but politics is tough for me and I just want to retire in a peaceful manner.”
“I am not expecting a straight answer right now all I am saying is, think about it then tell me.” Sumira said in a hushed tone.
“ Fine but I can’t promise anything.”

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