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By Tonny Brian
A month back, I did a post about Mystery behind Education and Talent. It turned out to be one of my popular ever.
But we all know there are a variety of talents among our youths. In that article I had an interview with a young actor explaining ways to incorporate acting talent in education. Most times we look so much at singing,acting,running and football that we forget a talent behind the books we love reading. The talents behind characters like Harry Poster, Nancy Drew, The River and the Source and many others. We forget about young writers.
“Writers are the backbone of our education system. You fail them you fail the readers. You fail the readers you fail success.” Readers depend on writers to increase their knowledge in areas of their specialty. But all this time we have failed them. Giving them low pay of their writing and asking for too much to publish their books. Anyway I had to preach a bit as my friend calls it.
With that crash preaching in mind, here are seven young writers that have gone a step further in sharing their talent with the world. They talk about different topics that affect the young people. They go deep to the matter and they don’t leave any stone unturned. Each writer talks about different issues: from lifestyle, politics, love, relationship, education, sexual issues and much more. They are not arranged in a rating order…


I know you just wondering what kind of blog this is. But as she puts it, it’sjust another name for tree tomato. I was fascinated by the sound of the blog; little did I know the sweetness of the fruit of this tree. Her blog surely meets the criteria of winning an award. She is bold in her writing and does not leave any stone unturned with the topics she discusses about.
She has 18 articles on her site .Each article is unique and shows her wide range of ideas. She is truly a different kind of a lady. She is a paradigm shift, a kaleidoscope of color and life
Get to read her articles on https://tamarillowordpress.wordpress.com


This is another upcoming blog. It is a blog full of emotions, lessons and teachings. It is one of the most refreshing blogs have ever come across. He does not hide behind his problems by trying to create a perfect picture for himself. He is straight forward and does not miss the point. Everyone who reads his post knows he is single and the can equate his chronicles with theirs. He has nothing to lose but all to gain from helping other young youths in making wise decisions through life.

He is Bold; Decisive; Refreshing and Rejuvenating

Get to read his articles on https://davidmwenda.wordpress.com

  • BizEveryday

Every young youth is looking for a job or a business idea to work on. This blog should be the first stop for you. He discusses about business ideas from online businesses, online investments, brings us to understand the crypto-currency world and helps us learn more about affiliate marketing. This blog is one of the best blogs I love to visit due to the business knowledge he posts every time. If you are a business mind or world love to contribute he is always open. He is ready to talk business
Get to read his articles on http://www.bizeveryday.com

  • My Bucket full of love

Do you love articles about decorating your home stead, parenting tips and much more about making your home a palace? Look no further, this is the perfect blog for you. Take your time and go through the contents and you will love them. This blog shows perfection in home creation and bringing forth a lovely home. A home is not just the walls there is so much more.
Get the knowledge only on https://mybucketfulloflove.wordpress.com

  • Creativity

Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! For the lovers of creativity, this should be your first stop blog. She shows her artistic talent in writing. She is not afraid of sharing her mind out. If she resumes her writing I will be the first to notice you
Get the creativity only on https://murithijune.wordpress.com/

  • Discover with Happie

If you are tired of being single visit this site. She gives you tips on relationships and even how to approach a person so that you can kick start your relationship. She talkto her readers though the blog and share out her mind. I don’t know if it’s out of experience or out of talent but when she answers that question for sure I will let you know.
Get the creativity only on https://discoverwithhappie.wordpress.com

  • Dennis Menez

Everyone loves sexual fantasies and the act of making love. Here this guy fulfills both the fantasy and brings forth lessons to learn for them. He discusses issues that the youth don’t talk about but are always curious to know. I wish people could have these conversations more often. This is because of the rising porn watching in ladies and the Samantha effect on men.
Get to join him in these talks only on http://menez.co.ke/
This are just some of the blogs have been going around reading. Their work will speak for itself they are definitely good writers who need more coaching to become professional bloggers. They are the voice of the youth

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