Gurl you are worth it

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                       You are worth it

So someone sent me a DM about something and I decided to share it with y’all.


We were friends with this girl for a very long time from childhood or maybe birth, I’m telling you I’ve known her my whole life. She was very loving, caring, honest and just a genuine heart. But everything changed in 2016.


“It was right after form one second term; she came to my house so excited I could tell how happy she was breathing profusely she started, “Guess what? My… (Took a breath) dad just bought me a phone!” She said as she took it out of her pocket.

“ TECNO!!! I swear you made it!” I mean it was 2016 if you had a Tecno nothing in the world would stop you. Again, this was her first phone Trust me she has always wanted one since we were in primary to precise class 7. But her dad is that typa ‘stone age’ parents who believe you have to get a phone after you’ve cleared your high school. And Yes, I wish she got it after she cleared school.

She wasn’t the type for these things so I was just making sure at least ‘asikae mshamba’ you feel me? Plus she was beautiful and well I thought she’d ‘advertise’ herself kidogo. She was in a very renowned school best known for how expensive it is. The same holiday we went for some event, and we pulled up with a whip that she hired well technically because she wasn’t the jav (public transport) kind of person. We reached just on time when the deejay playing some Afro pop which apparently was her favourite genre of music. She was afraid of people and also her new phone, she couldn’t risk for it to be stolen. Not a week after it was just bought.


It was a lit day for sure, as we went back home she kept saying how she had fun and couldn’t believe that she was missing out in all these. She uploaded he first photos on Instagram as she waited for guys to follow and like her photos hash tagging every photo #FollowForFollow #LikeForLike. So it became a routine for us to go for events with her. The last day of the holiday she bought me a gold Necklace just for appreciation for making her life the best and adding fun to her life.


She then went to school, of course her being the center of attraction in school being in form one; being on Instagram and Whatsapp I mean, it was worth the hype! She gained so many friends, so many. She was given first prios in every function and we all know how that was a big deal in school. She was then promoted to from glory. Then she was the cool-kid of the school. Her name was probably loved than the lunchtime bell.


First forward for the purposes of length, I bet you know how the story goes. But just for the blondes. She was promoted and yea she was the center attraction of the school even the Principal knew she was the plug! See, even the principal had to consult her in decision. Aah! Aah! I know that’s hyperbole FAM!

Form 3 (second last year of high school) things took a major detour drastically. We all know slay queen’s yea? Stop looking at me as if I’m alone! Yes, the type of girl that would walk into an event and everyone would gaze at her. Wait; chill did I mention that she was so curvy? She wore crop-tops and it would look as if it was made especially for her!  I remember very well, it was Colourfest 2015 we pulled up with a car. I parked it, went on her side and opened the door and she held my hand you guy I felt like I made it in life. All eyes were on us, Simba this was it Grammies had finally come to Kenya! (msee niliskia nikama naeza dance salsa.)

She insisted on going to get blunts! But yoh, I had to be sober since I was/going to be the only sober person that night and evening. Well, I left her to see my homies, and then I get a call from one of my friends that she is going wild. I go rescue her and all that! With all kindness that surrounds me I had bought four packets of milk because I knew, inapuguza steam lol!


She immediately vomited and took her to the car and called my friends and we drove home. Since I couldn’t let her parents see her like that we went to my house she refreshed up and take her home. She texted me yet and thanked me, but deep inside me I knew I was wasting this girls life. I knew for a fact that I was more or less the person who introduced her to drugs and it was kind of my fault even if I was not the one making the decisions.


Fast-forward to present time; we moved to different hoods we lost connection but at least I follow her on Instagram but word on the streets is that she has been a puta. She is all about that life, the Kardashian kind of life. She lost her worth; she has aborted more than 7 times. Isn’t that murder? Also all her photos are nude; either halfway or no clothe, showing off her tattooed body (which is typically goals to every girl) I called her the other day and she told me to make reservations, it was funny until I noticed how bad this situation is becoming.

And this type of girl or woman is one of the many we have here in Kenya, Africa and beyond. What will happen if fifteen years from now the baby who’ll be calling you mummy stumbles on your semi-nude pics on the Internet? And he runs to you mummy, look what I just found. Will you smile at him and be proud of it?


I was once watching one of the local celebrities being interviewed by Larry. “What would you do ten years from now when your son comes running to you to show you a nude pic of you in the net?” Larry posed the question. What the big wig answered left me flabbergasted. She went on to say that by then she’ll have enough money to pay Google to delete all the information about her on the Internet. Yes, that’s her. Look at her right now; she’s signing pageant contracts every day, producing some of the best selling lipsticks and makeup kits. They’ve made their future. We’re in that era where what we do affects our social life. Don’t let thirst for fame carry you all away. What you do today will determine the kind of tomorrow you’ll have.

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