Today I want to talk about different types of women that we have in the context of marriage.
These are mostly the women who have graduated from university with a degree and a Masters may have a Doctorate too and of course are way up the career ladder. This kind of woman is so strong, nothing can break her. She reminds you of her achievements in the middle of every argument. She reminds you that you didn’t pay for her bride price because she is priceless and that basically means she isn’t going to let you have your way on almost everything. They are good because you get to share financial costs and they don’t nag you for money to go shopping or do their hair or even get a new car. But they have grown up knowing that they have to win every time and they leave no stone unturned. You need to be a man of his means to handle them because they are always scaling higher and among the things you don’t expect them to do is stay home and bring up your kids. Nothing can stop their quest for prowess. And these are the Modern Day women and if you not ready for them then natural selection will come for you.
These are the worst women to marry. They target educated and rich men from well off families. This is the girl you met during your holiday upcountry while in campus or she might be a girl from your ancestral village who you’ve known all your life. But believe me you; you have not known who she really is. Her mother greets you with a lot of humility and asks you about city life .The girl is too shy and may at times she is sent by her mum to pick stuff from your home or deliver messages.
She looks like she would make the perfect wife for you. You decide to have fun with her like you do to the city slay queens, after all this girl is not as exposed as them so you know she’ll be less trouble. One thing leads to another and before you realize it you’ve smashed her. And most times she’s no better than the city slayqueens only that she’s a little bit better at pretence.
In a month or two after a series of banging her mother will come to see your mum .She will mourn that you have taken away her daughters innocence that her girl was so good until you lied to her with ideas from the city. The village elders will be on your neck for disgracing someone’s daughter and you will be married to her before you even realize it. After all your mum doesn’t like your city girls with tattoos and piercings all over she will choose this well kept lady for you.
If you know what Is good for you at this point offer to pay child support and run away from the marriage because many times the pregnancy will belong to some village boyfriend of hers and if you don’t offer to marry her she’ll definitely resolve to go back to the rightful father because who wants to be a single mom in the village.
Well if you marry her trouble will never leave your doorstep. You will have officially taken over the role of providing for all her family members. And any slight disagreement will be taken to her mum who will come mourning how you mistreat her daughter, that her daughter was much happier before she met you and when you come up with the option of divorce she’ll mourn even more about things you don’t know . She is the kind of woman who will stay home and still expect you to hire house helps for her, take her children to prestigious schools, and provide for everything while her preoccupation is informing her sisters of the single friends and brothers you got so that they can grab the opportunity too. One word keep off the shy village girl she isn’t that shy after all and you’ll realize too late.
This woman is mostly found in the teaching, nursing and secretarial profession. She knows her role as the wife and mother. She takes care of you and the kids to the best of her ability. She’s calm and reserved and will only raise her voice if you bring her to her breaking point. She can take an unpaid leave just to bring up a newborn. She’s the ideal wife, educated but reserved. She will rarely pressure you to give her more than you can. One thing about this woman is that when she finally loses her patience and trust in you after trying for so long because she’s a housekeeper, she will leave you in peace, No charges, no debates and when she gives up on you she’ll draw her inner strength and before you realize it she’ll be all the way up.
This is the kind of woman who is selfish when it comes to you .Her family visits rarely and when they do she spends lots of time showing off how much you two are in love. Some work others are housewives.
She’s the kind who shows up at your office with random gifts just to show everyone that you are taken. She wants to be invited for all the dinner events organized by your job place. She’ll show you affection publically just to attract attention. She’s like a queen as she instructs workers around the house. You don’t remember the last time she made you any meal. She sits with you on the couch nagging you about trips to Dubai and the new car that her friend got as you try to watch the news. She’ll never serve your meals but will be quick to wipe your mouth sides when in public. She spoils kids way too much more than necessary. Of course your family won’t like her because she is too protective and wants to own you. She acts like a girlfriend when she’s already a wife.