Diary of a retired CEO: Changes

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by David Mwenda

“Don’t do it” Mark was now hysterical.

It was another of those gentlemen hangouts at Anthony’s home. Anthony had already confided in Mark that he was being tapped for Campaign Manager. Mark was tense about the whole idea. He was fighting it tooth and nail.

“What do you mean don’t do it it’s a good opportunity I think,” Anthony asked.

“You think? You don’t even have any experience in this kind of thing,” Mark asked

“I told her I am not interested? And anyway why are you so against her?” Anthony said

“You know why.”

“Don’t tell me you did what I am thinking you did,” Anthony looked at him with a grim face

“It was ages ago. We were young and I really didn’t think it was a big deal.”

“So now I should turn down the gig because you two made bad life choices when you were young or because you hate her.”

“No, just think about it. You wanted a peaceful retirement and yet here you are thrusting yourself into the limelight again.”

“I have not said yes. Yet but I’m considering it. Now can we talk about something better?”

A few hours went on before Mark finally left Anthony’s residence. Hoping and praying that he would not consider picking the position offered.

Anthony stayed up late thinking about whether he should do it or not. He was considering not doing it because of Mark but he seriously thought he could help the campaign which seemed to need a lot of help considering the elections were now neck and neck.

At about 2o’clock in the morning the door bell rang. Who was that at the door? Who would think o coming to his house at 2 am I mean it was two freaking AM. The door bell rang again now for a longer period than the first time. He (Anthony) fumbled for his keys and he then stood from the chair he had slept on.

“Who is it?” He asked

“It is me” the voice sounded familiar

“ Sumira? What are you doing here?” he opened the house in a hurry. “it is two o’clock in the morning. Does your campaign staff know you are here?”

“Actually no” Sumira replied. Anthony picked his phone about to call one of the campaign staffers he knew.

“Don’t call Dennis is tired he left the office at 1 in the morning. Filling in for the campaign manager post and handling press has been hard for him.”

Anthony hung up the phone.

“I brought a bottle.” Retrieving a bottle of Scotch it was Chivas Regal bottle.

“That is one expensive bottle.”

“It was a gift from some Scottish Minister. Wanna join in the fun.”

“At 2am you are drinking must be hard life for you.”

She gave him “they don’t give a damn” attitude and he came back with two glasses.

“Been a couple of rough days, 8 counties in 5 days is not easy. The polls have us trailing at times sometimes they have us ahead and my head just feels like it is going to explode.”

Anthony was just silent and drunk with her listening to her all the way. At some point he lost interest and dozed off. Other times he would chime in. It reminded him of his late wife, Marjorie. She would always have a lot to say at 2 am in the morning with a glass of scotch at hand.

“so you don’t want to join the big boys?” she asked him

“Frankly I want to but most of my friends have been against it. especially Mark.” He looked for any signs of change in her face. He didn’t see any (for those who want closure)

“I think I should trust your gut you know and accept me.” They both chuckled

“Your never give up do you.”

“If I did would I be in your house at 2am in the morning?” they both laughed

The talk went on for hours two hours or so. Everything was put under scrutiny from why she wanted to run and her relationship with Mark and many other things.

At 4:30 Anthony bidding her fair well told her “I’ll show up at your office at 10 am.” She hugged him.

“Wait why 10?”

“I have to sleep and you clearly wouldn’t let me”

She laughed

“Fine, 10 am don’t oversleep and you can come with Rachel she will help organize your old self”

“Have you looked at yourself at the mirror?” Anthony retorted.

“Whatever grandpa.” Getting into her car and driving off.

He texted Rachel

Show up at anniversary towers at 10 am tomorrow. We are working on the Sumira campaign. She replied almost immediately

You took the job. Okay 10 am.

Did she ever sleep? Anthony asked himself anyway he was too tired to think about Rachel she was probably out there having the time of her life.