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By Tonny Brian

Recently life has been tough; maybe most of you know this about life and maybe some of you don’t. Either way, I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who has to deal with tough stuff. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in finding myself at in intersection of life that I didn’t anticipate. I am pretty sure I am not alone in this. Sometime these situations would have been avoided if we didn’t spend most time building walls.

-Dream it, wish it, do it.

Life is always as simple as that. First we create dreams and fantasies about them all day without letting anyone distract us from them. With time after we wake up from our dreams we begin wishing that they came true and we get to find means to bring them to life. But though we go through those phases the most important is the part where we act. If we are working on our drawing talents we need to get a point to start but often we find ourselves only peeping through the windows on great or growing empires without any sign of help or recognition. We realize that our predecessors have already created point that we can’t break through to get access to information or guidance from them. You realize life is full of struggles and you begin your journey of struggles.

We definitely can’t blame the people who have achieved it for not opening their doors for us. Definitely someone was given that chance to build themselves and they failed thus the doors got shut. Walls got to rise and more souls got to suffer but we can’t always put our trust in the selfish few at the expense of the greater many.

The worst part of it is that even the starters want always to behave like pros. Pretending how much they have grown. Acting all foolish without realizing the much they are losing from their pride. They get to build walls that come to affect their expansion in the future.

Let me be clear am not against building walls because for the smallest reason it keeps always people who aren’t intended to be there. They let people prove their hard work, trustfulness and humility before setting their feet in.

A Great Wall will never fall.

greatwall1.jpg 3.jpg

We all love the Great Wall of China and the stories behind it. We agree that before letting people in our lives we need few barriers for them to prove their worth (not everyone is to trust). As the usual error minded humans we are we often don’t get the difference between the “stupid” (for lack of a comforting word) walls we build and the great walls great people build.

Successful people have a deep understanding of the Great Wall of China and other walls ever built by man.

-We build too many walls and not enough bridges. Isaac Newton


The Great Wall of China is not just any wall. It was a bridge that helped the great china empire soldiers to navigate fast and easily though the kingdom. The walls did not limit them for doing their daily work instead helped them navigate easily when there was trouble. We all know it was built around hills and them navigating up and down the hills was not easy hence prone to attacks. Thence they built a wall with a bridge on top.

We should learn to emulate the example and build our empires with walls but with enough bridges to save ourselves when under attack. If you are a pro in your sector help raise the promising people below you. Do expect then not to fail you.

– No pain no gain — like building the Great Wall

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( Meng Jiangnϋ was a legendary lady, who cried so desperately when her husband died building the Great Wall, that the section where he was buried fell down.)

People will definitely fail you but since they dint kill you, get more work force and get on with your bridge on the wall.

Allowing the promising few who can and the willing until your empire is complete. This are the people who you will call when you in need. This will be the kingdoms surrounding you. You will never have to fight you enemies. They will be the foundation you built for your empire.

If you are a photographer raise other photographers. Though they can’t afford a camera teach them to use one, take them to the field with you and let them learn. If you are a drawing artist get one talent and nurture it. Build it as you build yourself. Let photographers and drawing talents be joined to bring worth. Let’s surround ourselves with things that matter. These will always give us an easy way to navigate through our ideas. It’s a stepping stone to greater being

People say – always look for ways to build bridges instead of putting up walls, But I see something different

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(We spent lots of time building defenseless empire rather than building the great wall bridges for greater success)

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