OF SOULS AND SCARS: Dear Best Friend

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Esther Adwets

_Friendship is a fabric that never fades, no matter how many times it is washed in the waters of adversity and grief and distance never separates a heart that cares – Anonymous_ 


Adversity befalls us all, you know?

We lose our best of friends for one reason or another.

One time it’s because they are tired of our weaknesses and other times it’s because of a stupid crush you had on the same guy in senior high school, and you both felt you deserved him, just like my best friend and I.

Well it’s been years now, but I still miss her, I still wish we were who we used to be and forget about the stupid crush, ’cause maybe now, I’m ready to give him up for her, seven years of friendship is greater after all.



Dear My Best friend,


I wanted to tell the world how much I hated you, I wanted to say We were no more,but it would be the deadliest lie of my life, a lie, worse than the many we told so we could leave school together, the many we told to get whatever we wanted but could not afford for two, and the many others, so we could be together where only one was supposed to be.

It’s something I would never convince my heart to do. More of saying I hated my own hands, when it’s with them that I ate and held whatever, like hating my two eyes when its with them that I saw everything I called beauty.

It would we like hating a part of me that I’d never do without.


We fought, sometimes it was against us and other times it was against them. We got through, except for this.


Do you realize how many ends we’ve had, how many times we thought we were tired of each others “flawlessness” but you still got back to me, and me to you..Where we belonged, we’ve passed the end, now we chase forever, for we do not know any other feeling than this, us together.


This could be our worst, maybe, because crucial and vital parts of our beings are involved, our hearts, our feelings.

This could be the smallest and yet the greatest of all waves we’ve had ever since.

Wait, we’ve been here, haven’t we?

Was it with him,the boyfriend you thought I was having an affair with, the rumors you heard I was spreading and the lies you told to my  patient ears?


So we are probably getting through, for we both know that we suck at guarding ourselves from each other.


I’d lay my Armour down,if it’s all that is left to save our drowning ship.

Yes, maybe dubiously .No..Yes..I would, for you, for me.




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  1. 😂😂we both suck at guarding ourselves from each other. This is so relatable . I love it, a lot of us relate to this situation, I do. Keep doing your best.

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