THE UNTAMED TALK:Ifikie wazazi was distasteful here is why I think so

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By David Mwenda
This has been one crazy week if you happen to live online like I do. On Tuesday I saw pictures that were the most distasteful, crazy, raunchy, stupid and just insane pictures being shared on my WhatsApp status and Instagram stories with most of them bearing the captions ifikie wazazi.
Immediately I saw these pictures online I had a few things in my mind which I would like to say that I did not say on my Facebook posts. Without much further ado here are a few things I thought we did not say or have proper conversations on.

This was one of the most ungenuine hashtags of our time.
The hashtag was completely distasteful and the most annoying thing I have seen. It was ungenuine you know why? No teenager cares about some of these things, no one gave a damn about morality. We wanted somewhere to vent our anger and so harmless children became the subject of this.
It was ungenuine because we all acted shocked and surprised. I was shocked when people who have done worse than this in photo shoots became the “greatest” moral police of our time.
We all knew this was happening let’s not lie to ourselves ati ooh this is what our children are doing? ati ooh this was unheard of in our time. First of all some of y’all grew up when social media was not even a thing, internet was used by very selective people and there were no hashtags for anything.
This is no justification for the behavior of this so called “generation”. However just because you did not grow up in that generation then it is high time you knew how to advise the child or teenie you have in your house on how to use social media.

This is what you get for poor sexual education
If you think this is not connected to this hashtag then think again. Poor sexual education is what has brought us here. When the issue of sexual education is raised the church is either non committal or heavily opposed to this. Parents are not any better, no one wants to address their children on matters sexuality. In fact nowadays our ideas of sexual education in the words of Njoki Ngumi you will allow me to quote her “Our idea of sexual education is giving boys condoms and leaving them out to go figure”
It is high time that parents stopped being shy about this lest you see your child on social media in raunchy pictures. If you think that talking about sex is wrong then guess what? Your child will find a place called the internet to show him how to handle themselves sexually otherwise they will find it with their peers who will take them to this crazy photoshoots and they will practice what they see abroad.
If you happened to share those photos SHAME ON YOU. Bear in mind you shared porn and if you think I am wrong, Google the word soft porn. It’s all what you shared (so congrats you’re basically a pornographer). I am not saying we condone this kind of behavior but if you shared it then it does not make you less than the person who shared.

To ladies
For some reasons feminists have propagated that it your body you can do what you wanna with it. One of those ladies has said it is my body and I will do whatever I want with it. Guess what you can do whatever you want with it PRIVATELY. Do not show us how you know how to flaunt your curves to everyone or let someone grab your ass for all to see. They are yours you know you have them flaunt them to the right people not for some likes on IG and Facebook.

To men
Men let us be serious about this for some few seconds. Do not be prone to doing things for some bad boy image. That bad boy image will fade your ‘gram photos will remain there and your kids (if you will have them will somehow see them (same goes to ladies by the way).

Few of my friends are photographers and they live for art. Some of them fought for the ability to use the city for free to shoot pictures and put Nairobi on the market for tourism. First of all don’t do this for the street cred. Aim for creativity, not some shoddy pictures on social media that will fade in time.
Parents I won’t spare you also. To those saying ifikie wazazi have you ever had the Swahili saying Mtoto umleavyo ndivyo akuavyo? So those saying let’s stop for some few minutes and ask ourselves. Tunaforwadia wazazi wagani? If anything this is a product of parents who are shy about talking about sex and some still shoving the be a virgin narrative while your children are having sex left right and center.
To everyone stop trying to be the moral police. I find this hashtag so misleading because we didn’t do this to make our teenies and youth a better community we did this as revenge porn, lack of manners, a trending topic to make ourselves feel like we’re discussing issues but we aren’t.
The day we choose to have a proper conversation on this we will right now we’re just stabbing the walls with nothing.

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