OF SOULS AND SCARS : Letter from a girl with a golden heartđź’›

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By Esther Adwets

He must have told you I’m his ex girlfriend, but that’s after you saw his beautifully candy coated lies on my Instagram (stalker alert).

He must have told you I hurt him badly or maybe that we broke up over insecurity and distance, but oh boy, my insecurities weren’t groundless, they we just too prevailing.

I can guess he said you’re his new and forever happiness at this time and probably added you’re the best thing that happened to his life  this year or let me put it a little bit more pellucid, since he began his game with you, ‘ cause trust me, you ain’t dating at all. THANK ME LATER.

He told you everything and you believed, right?

He’s your all time crush after all hehehe I was exactly where you are, oh daughter of a woman, like my mother.

That you have a heart of gold, I already found. No stalking, I am a psychologist girl. You are fine ghel.

He didn’t say he cheated and that’s why I left.

Okay, I’ll be crystal; he cheated on me with you and other three I fear to mention.

You know something?

I can never blame you; in fact I’m starting to have a soft spot for you.

He calls you CANDY, that same thing I told you he uses in his lies, maybe you’re that sweet, I suppose, which in truth you really are.

He failed to tell you we had fun, made memories, talked our dreams and had sex, he was actually the first…sweet pain, there after HE LEFT.



He wanted some sort of a badge or let’s just call it a name tag for having laid on me first, now you get it?

I’m no ordinary. I’m a bit different, NOW YOU KNOW.

In addition, he failed to talk about the many dates he stood me up and was forgiven. I even apologized instead, the countless lies to my empty and then desperate inbox.

He lied, his name, and directions to his crib.

That enough anyway, dear girl with a golden heart, isn’t this what life is always about, my friends warned me, his best friend too, but I thought love was greater, true love is rare.

Girl with golden heart, I hope you read this and reread before you go to bed.

Think through, by the nature of our relationship maybe you’d think I’m pushing you away from him etc etc.

But Oh girl with a heart so golden, whatever it is that is running through your already messed up head, listen to it, trust yourself in this one.

Expect many more of my letters tomorrow and even the day after the next.

Trust your womanly instincts, listen to your voice of reason.

Communication is vital and free.

And with the little powers conferred upon me by the god of poetry Apollo, at his dwelling place on Mt Olympus beside Zeus, I wrote this, with love.

Till you hear from me next time,

It’s Lily,

A victim of your boyfriend’s love crimes.

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