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By anonymous

We all wake up in the morning with a hangover even if we didn’t spend our night drinking your favorite bottle of whiskey. Sometimes it is because of an argument you had yesterday with your friend and left things unsolved; now you have to think on a way to approach him or her. Sometimes it’s because you where very happy yesterday and this morning you got up grumpy.

You may also have had the sweetest dream and you woke up in a different reality. Some hangovers are worse than others. It only depends on the source of the hangover you suffering. There is a hangover that we all mostly cannot get over fully. No matter how much you keep running away from it; it always rushes to haunt you.

We all have dreams. These dreams keep on grounding our brains and if we not careful we tend to look over ambitious in life. Dreams are not this hangover I am talking about. They are the cure to it. They are the road map to securing a better future than the reality we live in. Sometimes we dream but our reality still ends up becoming our future. Probably we did not take our time to think big or we did not think at all. We are not destined to live a stagnant life where we don’t move nor are we destined to live a life of success.

I try to figure out what destiny really is but I mostly get the notion that we get to choose our future but never our past. We don’t just invest on our future and sleep. Sorry to say but that’s what most of us do. Yes, you do that most times.  Think of something great that you want to achieve, work on it, get it rolling and wait for things to happen. You will wake up will a great hang over saying that life is never easy. Who told you it was going to be easy. It bringing a life to earth is never easy, what else do you expect to be easy. Giving birth is never as easy as thinking who you want your child to look like. Maintaining a relationship is never as easy as liking someone and deciding to love this person. Giving them all your time and 50% your trust while you give your best friend 100% or as I put is (your deputy boyfriend).

Then why take life to be easy. If your own parents can turn against you, even your friends should be in the frontline of making your life a living hell. These are hangover you really expect to face.

We get to draw a map on everything in our live. Dream dreams. Make them a reality or even throw caution in the air and wait for destiny. My friend life will deport you to misery. You can’t live a life of misery. You either live in life or in misery. It is always your choice.

We all want to have a hangover about money. Wake up in the morning with a lot of money than you invested yesterday and you wondering where to spend some on. It is the best one you can wake up with and you don’t want to wake up from. I also want that, just give me twenty million to invest on this business and this hangover will live in most people’s mind.  Unlike some of you am not thinking am not thinking of spending it all in Dubai or buying that favorite house. Anyway who doesn’t want that, but I want to raise other people out of their “Broke zone”. Another hangover we all want to run away from.

We all deserve better, but we often fail ourselves by not working smart for it. Who wants to live a life working hard? Some of us decide that easy money comes from working hard for others. Would it pain you to work for yourself? I know you will tell be money is the problem. Sure money is always the problem. We kill each other for money, in relationship for money, sell our bodies for money. Yet we never get enough to get ourselves out of misery to a better place. Has it ever crossed your mind that you are there by choice?

Do what you have to do to live a good life but my advice is do not get stuck there. Get a better life for yourself. Don’t be too comfortable. You will still wake up with the broke ass hangover

(Life is just a journey for nursing hangovers. It’s you decision which hangovers you want to live with)

to continue soon….

photo-editing credits to @ pnail.hxl