The Big interview: Breaking down the May Issue

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In a few days Teen Network is going to take a milestone. A huge one actually, the launch of the May Issue on 21st May is going to be out. Teen Network’s lead writer, David Mwenda sat with Tony Brian, the company’s CEO for a few things on the May issue and a round of issue here is what he had to say.


Thanks for the interview Why the theme for relationships?

Okay. My editorial team comes up with these themes. They look at specific topics youths love and get to plan on which falls in better. You know two heads are better than one. We all about youths and we are affected by relationships. It’s the period we get to invest our emotions. Sometimes we mess up big. In this issue we are trying to help each other out in this issue


You talk about youths passionately. Why?

We are in a world that talks about women empowerment. But we basically participate in promoting these ladies with degrees and good education and forget these young ladies who fall under the category of youth’s. We forget these young men in that position. We don’t really solve their issues. We just leave them to the world. That’s why we had moments like #ifikiewazazi


If we don’t help youths to realize better ways to earn money. We will always get to post our naked bodies for fun and cash. Here am basically trying to keep their minds fixed to a common goal. If it’s unemployment why not use your talent to earn money? If you don’t know how that’s why Teen Network exist; to help you through your journey.

I need all youths to air their views in a place with no discrimination by the society. Where their interests are protected and their energy is used to create a better country with peace and a stable economy. Remember we can’t stop complaining about a bad economy if we have a huge number of broke neighbors, sons or daughters.

You mention about unemployment you have interviewed Monica Kaguru in this issue and you’ve called her an agriprenuer? Is entrepreneurship what is going to save the youth? From unemployment

I don’t say agriprenuership is the only solution we got. But it is a solution among other solutions.

Agriculture being the backbone of our country, its time the youths realized that this is one of the greatest booming business. You don’t have to sleep hungry while you can produce your own for and engage in other activities that generate income on our tables. Tell me what would happen if we all had enough food on our tables?

The economy would grow. Remember youths take a large part of the country. If some ventured into their talents for cash others agriculture, trust me we would go miles as a country


What about college graduates?

College graduates.(pauses) Why did you go first to school? You went there to gain knowledge on how to be independent. How to start your own job or business; you go to school to gain business ideas. If you did not get a job use your skills. I won’t tell you doing business is easy. Its hard than even spending all your life in school. But you have to struggle for a better future. Get the idea work on it. Work smart and one day your money will work hard for you. If you won’t work hard for money it’s your choice


Okay lots of young people find relationships hard to keep. So what’s your take on relationships today From your perspective?

Yes. Lots of young people find it hard. This is because you find we are not emotionally strong or intelligent. That’s why it is even hard to keep friends when we are youths. In this period we tend not to forgive and accept other people make mistakes. We do not learn the art of forgiveness soon enough. This affects most relationships. At times due to the constant body transformation young men feel entitled to having sex during the relationship. They don’t stop there. They get side girls and even girls get side boys whom they do the acts with. But as they grow they realize themselves and begin changing their ways.

So sex is not a priority in a relationship?

Sex is not a priority. It will always find its way at the right time. And in a better and more secure way for each one of you

So you are advocating for safe sex?

Safe sex is a better cure than just trying to pretend that these things don’t surely happen. It’s all chemistry, this people got the energy and a lot of changes that disturb them. And surely blowing steam is a part of it

Is enough being taken to have safe sex in Kenya especially among the youth?

As long as they never involve the youth it’s never enough. They all busy taking pads to the ladies which is a good gesture. I have got nothing against it

But what do they do with the people who will get these ladies pregnant? Nothing! So until they learn sex education needs to emphasize we won’t stop young pregnancies. These young people use condoms, where do these children come from? They need to learn how to use these tools not just carrying them around.

I am ready to help spread the message of safe sex. Young people are not afraid of HIV any more. Because parents and the society have out pregnancy as the worst disease you can ever acquire as a young person.

Let’s emphasize on youths keeping safe.

Pads to ladies should be free do you agree

Yes I agree. The same energy they use spreading free condoms in public toilets should be used also placing pad dispensers in the same toilets. For all ladies to access.

Your take on men being given the right education on sex and relationships? How do we go about this?

Men need he right knowledge involving this issue. How we go about it is a matter that needs a lot of time to get a proper plan on. But the easiest way is to involve the young people in creating awareness.

Involve youth movements like teen network. And the message will reach home

Teen Network is creating awareness but do you think more media houses need to do this?

All media houses need to do this.

Teen Network has big plans what is the next being thing after the May issue

I don’t want to lift the cup before tea is done being served. It might burn my hands and spill on the floor.

Anyway I will give u a hint. We are planning an event that will bring youths together. For education and talent purposes.

(Laughs) tea. An event that’s good. So any final words?

Let’s all join forces in bringing up stable and responsible young nation. 

We got the power. Let’s start by getting involved in this teen network magazine movement. It’s a movement for youths by youths. Support us by purchasing our may issue. By doing that you will be offering a number of talented youth’s employment. You will be giving then the strength and power to keep up with their good work.

Its time unemployment is eradicated among the youth

Okay where can we get it (May Issue)?

It’s online on our website. I will share more details and the link to our shop

Okay thanks for the interview


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  1. Sex in a relationship is not a priority i truly concur with this…let it meet u at the right time
    Finally i got an answer to my predicament
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