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You! You are misunderstood

You! You are judged

You! You are looked down upon by the people you gave a breakthrough to break in now they are breaking you down.


You! Black is gold’

You! Live a life of purpose suppose not opposed as a puppet

You! Be loyal, but don’t allow your loyalty to be somebody’s fool

You! Distance yourself from the people who lie to YOU disrespect, YOU use YOU, put YOU down

YOU! Never be ashamed of a scar, it simply means YOU were stronger than whatever tried to hurt YOU.’


YOU! At first they laugh at YOU; later, they will ask how YOU did it but be willing to take risks If YOU win, YOU’LL be wise.’

YOU! The goal is to be rich not to look rich, no Gucci belt, no Armani suit, no D &G shoes, no Rolex watch, no fashionable outfit neither any single piece of jewelry. Stay focused have a direct path don’t play games.


YOU! Be proud of your melanin don’t try to fit in by ruining.

YOU! You are artistic work of the creator don’t meddle with it YOU will end up in a puddle

Be real and not fake due to vague reasons.


YOU! Don’t be reckless avoid being careless since you will end up being fruitless

YOU! Embrace YOUR uniqueness even if it makes others uncomfortable and let all the socially awkward misfit say Amen!’


YOU! Don’t try to be perfect YOUR evading greatness

YOU! BE YOUR OWN, avoid being WE BE YOU.

YOU! Be humble, this world is not YOURS

YOU! Confuse them with YOUR silence and amaze them with YOUR actions.’


YOU! The task ahead of YOU, is never as great as the power behind YOU.’

YOU! If YOU don’t find YOUR worth in a man, YOU find YOUR worth within YOURSELF and then find a man who is worthy of YOU’

YOU! Great things always begin from the inside appreciate YOURSELF, love YOURSELF and above own YOURSELF; True to YOUR identity and being.


YOU! If YOU want something YOU’VE never had! YOU have to do something YOU’VE never done.’

YOU! Muda ni huu kuwa juu na kuwa true bila flu

YOU! Brains at work na si tafadhali  afafhali ukuwe na fadhili za MOST HIGH kuliko ma afadhali

YOU! Captions za relaxing in Diani zisikutie hisia maanake actions na si options zitakuwa hisani kwako


YOU! Rolling na kubola si hoja haja ni kuroll na ball ukiwa kwa pitch ya BALL ukisema this is me

YOU! Comparison haitakufikisha kwa horizon ukweli ni kuwa the sky is not the limit YOUR essence is beyond

YOU! Mtaka cha nduguye hufaa maskini kwa hivyo chako ni chako and YOU IS YOU not ME, WE or US.
Shirley Kubochi


A student currently taking BSc in Business Administration at Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology


Can be reached at