Beef farmer who dared to dream; meet Monica Kaguru

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The ones who dare to be different always stand out. It is not my quote but it is one of my favorite sayings at times. The story of Monica Nyawira Kang’uru says all that and much more. Her journey to stardom and possibly financial success was given a big boost by her participation in the BLAZE Be Your Own Boss Season 2.

She granted us this interview after a few consultations with her time. Her busy schedule did not allow a one on one but she got to answer our questions for this interview.


The 21 year old student currently working as a 3rd Year student of Economics in the University of Nairobi describes herself as an Agriprenuer; her main interest being beef farming.

I ask her why she chose agriculture as her line of business. Something even I would not consider doing in any way. She was very particular, “My drive has been being able to differentiate myself and venturing into a business that has a stable and unsaturated market.”  When I ask if she thinks other youths will be willing to join the agriculture sector. She is so positive and thinks she has achieved a goal of being a source of inspiration for many youths to join Agriculture.

We kick things up a notch when I ask her about her joining the BYOB and becoming the first runners up for Blaze. She feels great even though she did not win the money. She chooses to stay positive. She thinks BYOB is a great platform for mentoring the youth and it was a wonderful experience.


When I ask her the biggest lessons she has learnt from Blaze BYOB and she decided to talk about time. To her she learnt that time is not a limit. Some of the challenges they would pull them off within 48 hours.  To her time should not be something as an excuse or a hindrance. To her Do it and do it now.

Is our government doing enough to support youths in Agriculture? I ask her. Frankly no. she replies. She adds, the government still has a lot to do when it comes to improvement and empowering and providing support especially financially, to youths and agriculture. This will go a long way in encouraging more youths to venture into agriculture.

I think about the business challenges and the challenges she has faced. One thing finances; she has been unable to scale up due to lack of funding. However she also mentions the funding and business support from Blaze will go a long way to help her and give her what she describes as a positive boost.


Her goals five years to come business wise and personally she is reflective and ambitious. She wants to keep 1000 animals in a year in her farm. Personally she seems to have a Masters Degree and a good footing in her career in Financial Analysis. She wants to follow up on her career.  

Her advice to people who might want to join the agriculture sector? Go for it. The market is ready. Seek mentorship in your journey as it will go a long way and goes on to wish you the very best.

Her final quote to the youth Dare to be different. Simple; very simple like that.  Any question you felt you need her to answer you personally she encourages you to have a chat with her on social media. Instagram: Monica_Kanguru Twitter: Monica_Kanguru Facebook: Monica Kang’uru

Facts about Monica Kang’uru

She is a beef farmer

She auditioned late at the Blaze BYOB competition but still got the part

She aspires to keep 1000 animals in the next 5 years

She is a student of Economics at Nairobi University

She is 21 years old

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