By Esther Adwets

The past few weeks have been really frustrating and crazy for my pen, paper and I. Dear Writers like me, you know what I mean right?

Not writer’s block, not sickness just a force you have no explanation for.

Thanks to my slow to anger boss David.

Tihihi pengine ni ile keg yake ya last week imempoesha.

Amidst all the frustration though, I have been struggling to have positivity remain my mantra you know. But again, some of us will agree negativity is safer.

Don’t get me wrong, go for whichever works for you.

Let’s call mine a transition.

The various abrupt transitions you do not know how to react to, yes those ones that in some kinda way induce self doubt, and consequently the kind of self doubt that brings you to frustration, a combat with your markings on paper.

So that gets me to mumbling a prayer, BLANK!

Oh Apollo, give me words only enough for my expressions allow my words touch deeper hearts. Amen

That aside, during my dark weeks, my crush kept reposting my short poems on WhatsApp and adding onto that, he commented on all of them, added more sugar into the honey when he said he loves reading them. I don’t know if that is a sign the feeling is mutual or a sign that I am beginning to make it life hahaha!

For any writer/blogger It feels really awesome to get feedback, so kama hii column inakubamba ama inakuudhi sema tu, no harm…ntaelewa kibrathe.

Anyway, today’s letter is from Joy Sofia.

Remember Teen Network is by us and for us.

I hope you enjoy it.

Hey you there,

I should realize that goodbyes were meant to be forever but I can’t really seem to accept it. It’s already been a while but I can’t wrap my head around the thought that you left me. Was I really such a pain or did I not give my all? What really happened? I need some sort of closure but my stubborn heart refuses to move on. The butterflies in my stomach seem to come alive when I think of you. The smile that you said you loved plays on my lips when I remember the sound of your voice,

You can throw away memories of us but those are the only ropes holding me together, I still love you more than words or anything I’d ever behold in my life. Through thick and thin was my forever promise to you but forever only exists n my head. Hope she makes you happy, hope she makes you stay. Hope she is everything I was not because I gave my all to you.

I still miss you and love you for you.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. “Nitaelewa kibrathe..”

    The last bit gave me chills! Nice piece!

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