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By Brendarn Alwanyi After four years of vigorous toiling and studying; which to some seems like decades. It’s now time to join campus and pursue your lifetime career goals. But this chance can turn out melancholic if not utilized optimally and prudently.

Did you know there are thousands of students in higher learning institutions pursuing similar career goals like yours? Thousands of them are churned out of university every year. But only hundreds secure attachment, leave alone employment. This is because the government is able to cater for only 40% of all graduates. This leaves you standing in the middle of the competition.

Let me not make your college life vile. Indeed, many successful people you see around were campus students. But they made it right. They made decisions that uplifted them to the top of competence chain. The melodrama every fresher has is normal. But life is real.

Mary Wamboi: a reporter and a show host at one of the leading local T.V station is a true reflection of campus success. After completing her studies in early 2017, she immediately secured employment at Inooro T.V. This is despite her classmates still in limbo; struggling to secure attachment. How did she make it?

Talking to her teachers; they describe her as a well versed lady; disciplined, assertive and hardworking. In fact she was among the best students excelling with distinction in all her external and internal exams.
In contrast, her classmates construed this hardworking attitude as an introvertive, book warmer and lonely person.
But this never deterred her.

“I spend all my free time recording demos and editing them. And this is what secured my employment. The demos now air as a show on Inooro TV every Tuesday.” She adds that every student must identify a niche in their area of specialty and work towards perfecting.

Indeed, we all get an opportune chance to make our future bright. It takes creativity and courage to stand out and be the best. Many of us think that after graduation, that’s when you begin your professional life.

But life is not a rehearsal. It’s what you make it. If you choose to be smart you will always be smart. One of a manufacturing company states that it receives a hundred job application letters for five posts. Twenty candidates are summoned for interview and only five are employed. You can’t be among the five if you wait. Start creating your experience now. Don’t make failure an obstacle let it be a chance to deduce experience.

Brendarn Alwanyi is a student and staff writer with Teen Network.