Untamed Talk: Sammroi made our relationships dirt come out now it is time to fix it

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Before I came up with this article I was battling with whether I should file a column for today or just apologize on Twitter and allow you guys to move on to Tuesday. Reason being I have a bitch ass cold that won’t let me go or at least pretend to leave me alone for a couple of days second reason is because I am just tired and it is Sunday. I picked the wrong day to be writing a column I guess.

Anyway today we are going to be talking about Samrroi. Now to be fair and honest this is something that I have always wanted to say but I never really get the chance to say it. Guys our relationships are messed up. For real; be it family, romantic or otherwise but this week is when I realized that it is getting worse more than getting good.

To those who don’t live on the ‘gram as cool kids call it. We are not her to discuss the cool kids of Instagram (story for another day). So Samroi decided to ask for cheating stories on his DM and he would share them one by one and hide your identity. A thing that was supposed to go for a weekend went on for close to 3 days with a hashtag on Twitter also generating #ConfessionsWithSammroi. I won’t share the stories he shared but just know some were damn right nasty and horrible.

I had promised myself not to write about love or relationships because well a)I am not a relationship counselor and b)this is a really controversial topic and I don’t want people DMing me weird stories at 4 am in the morning.

Now back to Sammroi the thing is I don’t agree with putting dity linen for all to see but you see this was the person’s choice and so for that we shall not judge Sammroi. However we will deal with anyone who shared a story. First of all your lucky he hid you were anonymous because someone would troll you left right and center not to mention the fact that your partner would have left you but that did not happen. Also next time have the balls to share it on your timeline and see how things go. I have always said this every time I get the chance we as Kenyans have the habbit of hiding behind  the curtain and saying really nasty things on social media but we rarely say the same things we said in public.

This was not funny at all. The fact that you slept with your boys/ girls squad should worry you of either getting hepatitis or clamidyia shots at the end of the month. The fact that you have slept with a couple of guys/ chicks while you are in a relationship does not mean that you are macho or anything by the way news flash you are just a prostitute who enjoys their work.

However though we need to questions that we cheat, for one it is simple we love having a lot of sex. It is not intimate people don’t cheat for any other reason. Thing is we have glorified relationships to places where adults just have sex and don’t think about the repercussions of what they have done or what they are doing.

The moment you get into a relationship ask yourself what you want off it. Is it a good shag or to share life and your experiences with someone else. Don’t let sex be the main reason you get into a relationship. If you feel that is the reason get into a casual relationship I hear they work don’t break someone’s heart or just sit there listening to things you did not want to hear the whole 13 minutes when your preparing your excuses to leave the house.

This brings me to another thing; guys I don’t think the women who used to sit back and let you cheat and pray about it are there anymore. Today’s ladies will clap back and clap back real hard. So don’t sit there thinking that they are going to be supportive of the crap you pull on them. That was thrown off the window a long time ago.

To ladies, don’t hold on to a guy who will be making you cry Frankly I am tired of seeing statuses of women saying how they have held on to weird relationships because they are the main chicks in relationship. I think you should just choose I am staying in one relationship or am I going to be wife number one. Also do not stand for cheating

Finally everyone cheating is not an up and down in a relationship. If he cheated if she cheated she cheated. If you want to forgive them it is fine but well it is not an up and down it only means he/ she was whack and probably did not feel you. So don’t lie to yourself they will change they never change they won’t change.