So you are not making money online? How? Here are some ropes

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So you are not making money online? How here are some ropes

“Life is not a bed of roses. You get from life what you give out. If you show kindness, you will get kindness back. If you get rude to this life, it will be cruel to you. You have to work hard; nothing comes easy in this life.”

I still remember her words and for a reason, they have been a guide to me. Each morning I rise, I contemplate upon these words before doing anything else. My grandma was such a stunning person and much of my success can be entrenched from her inspiring words.

Well folks, today I don’t want to talk about my grandma. May be next time…

However, I want to talk about something interesting; the door to making money online in Kenya and where you are going wrong in as much as making money online in Kenya is concerned.

Your strategy…..your downfall

I get so many questions from a lot of people my colleagues but mostly, strangers from all around our beautiful country Kenya.

One thing I do after waking up I checking my mail. Today, like many other days, I got an email, an interesting one that captured my attention. It read;

“Hi Daniels

My name is…., you probably don’t know me, but I know you well. I have been following you for quite some time now and you inspire me by your work.

I have only one question for you, how can I make money online, I have been trying but nothing.


Making money online in Kenya can be a huge giant that needs all your attention and focus to take it down.

However, most people haven’t found the right way to get real money online in Kenya. As a matter of fact, you’d look out and do a serious investigation; you will realize that most people are settling for pennies and peanuts.

Well, it is a good thing to boast that you are on the online market, but doing what?

Your strategy, it is your biggest downfall. That is the secret that you have to realize from now on. One thing that you must have realized by now is that we live in a competitive world and the online realm is getting more diversified and complex. That being true, people are willing to take higher risk to make sure that they secure a place on the online platform.

That is why you will never ever find a well-paying job with a cheap strategy. You need to up your game and I am going to be showing you what you need to exactly do that.

Are you just doing “anything” …?

The problem with most people is that they have not demarcated what they want to do. That is why you will find them settling for anything they get invited to do.

You need to specialize on something. Specialize on what you know you can do best. It is good to multitask but overly, specializing on one or two things is really the key to making “big potato” on the online platform.

There are many things that you could specialize on, talk about;

  • Freelance writing.

  • Affiliate marketing.

  • Social media marketing.

  • Creativity and design.

  • Translation.

  • Email marketing.

The list could go on and on, it is interminable, and so should you when it comes to the idea you want to settle on.

Perhaps pretending to be the best at everything is what’s setting you up for a downfall. Find the one true area on the online platform you know you can work best on.

Then devote your attention to it and in no time, trust me, you will be making lots of bucks out of it.

Take this from a person who have been there, desperation will ruin everything and anything you ever hoped for.

Just because you are desperate to make a few bucks a month doesn’t mean you can settle on any idea you get. Sometime it is good to value your potential and rate it higher.

Settling on anything you get will only degrade your skills and abjure you from perfecting on one true area.

Get training

This is one of the few things that most people do not want to hear about. After all, “we’ve got it” what value would training do to you?

The reason why you are getting that low pay is because your clients doubt the value of your work.

Getting training sometimes is a boring thing; I didn’t love it either in fact I used to see it as a waste of my money. Training contributes a lot to perfection and when you are perfect at what you do, you get in control. You get to demand the highest “potato” and I will guarantee you this, serious client’s look for serious piece of art.

Therefore, get registered for free webinars, listen to podcasts, and watch online videos, read articles and so on. This will ensure that you get on top and maintain that top level position.

Training has been an asset to my online writing career. Well, it helps me get sharp at what I do, more to that, it keeps me updated to the needs of my work.

Therefore, if you need to command a huge pay grade, then I suggest that you don’t be lazy. Make sure you get training, which in most cases comes for free.

Raise your bids

To most, this is very daunting and they rather work tirelessly for peanuts. I have been there and I write this from experience.

Nevertheless, I had to step out and face my fears. You too need to raise your bids. With confidence, of course, I believe you have not come so far to get paid so little.

Bid for something that is worth it. Let me surprise you, in the bidding process or quoting of prices, only a few bids the highest value, the rest bid the lowest since they think client will be intimidated by the offer, that they will consider the lowest bid.

It is time that you erase that bad mentality. Clients are willing to pay you more if you prove that you are worth it.

These are some of the reasons why you are not making money online in Kenya. However, this could be your turning point, follow these simple tips and tricks and you will experience an explosion on your online career like no other.

Are you working online in Kenya?

We’d love to hear from you. If you make money online in Kenya, share your tips and advice to some of our readers. Do you agree with the tips above? What have you been doing to make money online in Kenya? We’d like you to share your experience with us.

Dennis George is a staff writer at Teen Network and you can talk to him on mungaidaniel9 or

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