Good evening Dear Kenyan youth,

First of all nothing is good with anything that I am going to say. I am frustrated as hell; I have had a lot of things on my mind and have been trying to think of a way to say all of them at once. I have been given this chance and opportunity to write a letter to Kenyan youths who are as equally as frustrated as I am. So without wasting any time I will tell you why I am frustrated:


This is something that everyone is talking about but not angry enough to say it disappoints them. The most interesting thing that always gets me is that we are always told to go to school get a degree and finally when you are done look for a job. Question is where?

The most interesting thing government after government have come and promised us a chance to have these jobs but nothing of the sort happens. Instead every 5 years we come back and we have nothing but still promises of opening up the economy and nothing of the sort ever happens. Instead we have 50000 applications for 1 job.

When we try out going out to do entrepreneurship we are slapped with huge amounts of money to start up a business.  It is interesting that every single time we told to apply for youth funds and the process of getting them is the hardest and you certainly most know it will end up with an application denied application.

The projects that we thought that would help us have been looted left right and enter some even twice in 2 years. Problem is that every time this happens we as youth as silent and have decided to keep quiet. What even irks me more is that in the next 5 years they will come back throw money at us and tell us that things will be fine and we are willing to go to war for them in the name of tribal affiliations and that we gave them money. Weird right?

It’s funny how betting corporations are getting a lot of money from the youth and no one is taking it serious. No one thinks maybe if we sorted the unemployment problem then we would have less betting sites in the country. Maybe I am saying the wrong things here but oh well who will just listen to me I am just a frustrated Kenyan youth.

David Mwenda is an Online Editor for Teen Network Magazine

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  1. This moves my heart coz I deeply feel the wounds of the writer. Job opportunities nowadays in Kenya has turned to a corruption site only to make the rich richer. Someone promises you a job after you give him a certain amount of money, and yet they turn you down later. Clearly, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Ooh My land Kenya!!

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