By Job Kerry

We all have had friends, we crave friendship.

Who is yours?

Find out with Job Kerry in this week’s article of SOULS AND SCARS.

If all you had to offer to the world was friendship; everything rolled down to determining who your true friends were, would any still be around? The pain we go through each day helps in exposing fake people so sometimes it takes shedding a tear in life to know who really has your back.

 Each moment I spend looking at the mirrors the question of what makes a true friend keeps hitting me. Attempts at doing research on the same have ended up futile since the world lacks in any true examples of friends that remained true to each other despite the amounts of difficulties flung their way.

 Reminiscence seeming an exercise in futility as all in my wake was just the painful reality that all life has to offer is a bunch of backstabbing scumbags. These are the individuals that water down the definition of friendship. The ones that get so taken away by euphoria when you expose your dreams yet in solitude proclaim what a wishful thinker you are. The ones that hang around you, offering all you need during your season of ascent yet treat you like trash as your value begins to depreciate. The ones that praise you in your presence yet in absence tell all what a burden you are. What does this make of us? Do we then fall to a world recluse, shutting ourselves off the world and live in solitude for lack of any shred of authenticity in those we call friends?

In my view, friendship is glue that holds different polarizing figures and personalities together, shedding out the blackness in each of us and bringing up the good in each of us. True friends are those that support each other pushing every part of the circle to the head. They never hate on each other but live each day working to build the loyalty in their centre. The desire to sacrifice just to bail out a friend hallmarks the beauty in friendship. I wish life had more of such people to offer. If so success would be nothing but a destination whose journey is halfway complete. No mountains would be insurmountable since the beauty of friendship lies in the diversity that comes with it.

Different individuals, hailing from similar or different backgrounds with different personalities coming together and working towards a common goal; what could ever beat that? The test of true friendship is not in the material possessions one can accrue while hanging out with a certain crew. It’s in more than just the shared moments of happiness.

True friendship lies in the little gestures of kindness and goodness we show those around us. It lies in that little smile each morning that comes a long way to brighten our days, in the handshakes that bring us up when on an emotional rollercoaster we find ourselves. It’s seated in the long silent walks we have while gazing at the skies and marveling at the beauty all around us. More than anything in this world I’ve never beheld something so pure, fresh and illuminating. Ask yourself each day whatever have you done to strengthen that friendship surrounding you.

 Did you sacrifice more today, build loyalty, take a bullet for someone or just forfeited your party time to sit alongside your sick friend? If we work and stay close, we can build a perfect world, furnished in true friendship and strengthened in wills resolute that despite the allure to betray those whose trust we have, we’ll stay true and hold our circles strong. That to me, is the greatest declaration we’d have made. The declaration of friendship.

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  1. Splendid…..

    Very precise and extremely informative… Good work…. keep it up

  2. Nice article buddy,,,sometimes it’s hard to get a true friend but what matters nowadays is self realization. Do away with those who pretend to be so

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