By Dennis Menez

Older men like younger girls. At 18-20 years of age, a girl has fully developed, and will have sex with who she wants when she wants to regardless of the law. All R-Kelly jokes aside, for a man to purposely seduce a teenage chick is disgustingly perverted.

These little freaks who have more body than women twice their age know they’re sexy and love to hunt older men for sport. Just like a sneaky teenager can find a way to buy beer, these little girls can find a way to get a grown man. But what about the girls who want more than sex from older men?

The girls who are between 19 and 21 and looking for that old guy to make her his princess, those are the girls that I worry about because they get their freak on over on a regular basis. I’ve received several texts from girls who are under 22 and were having serious problems with their boyfriends who are in their late 20’s to early 30’s.

It had nothing to do with sex; it was all the emotional things that you go through when dealing with older niggas that they had no idea about. Here’s my advice to younger women looking to bag an older dude because they think he’s more mature, established, and through with playing game…

Old men are damaged goods

If you meet a guy who’s six years older than you and single, you didn’t hit the jackpot baby girl, more than likely you’ve ran into a nigga with issues that women his age don’t want to deal with. But can you handle the history of drama that comes along with it?

Classification of Older Guys

The Waited Too Long Guy:

Men don’t panic as we get older, because we look at it like this, “30th birthday coming up, it’s all good because the girl I’m going to marry is still in school. As long as they keep birthing females, a man will have a shot at settling down with something younger and prettier than the girl he just broke up with. Because of this mentality, men don’t have a ticking time clock to settle down. If they want fatherhood fast, most guys will run up in a cute ratchet and pop out a kid in hopes of creating a Lebron James, but fatherhood doesn’t equal settling down.

Waited Too Long Guy had a few women who were probably “the one” but he was indecisive or he wasn’t done having fun, so he let her walk out of his life. Now he’s stuck in the matrix of dating.

Women should stay away from this guy at all costs. He’s going to talk the talk, and tell you that he’s been waiting since 2005 for a girl like you, but it’s game. You’re new to him, you’re feisty, pretty, and you fuck like only a girl raised on Nicki Minaj music can. Of course he’s going to be smitten with you. But once he wears your coochie out and gets tired of your sassiness and obsession with texting, he’s going to move on to the next PYT.

The Let’s Start A New Family Guy:

This is the guy who has an ex wife or long time girlfriend. He has children, but he’s not happy at home. This guy is more attractive than Waited Too Long Guy because he’s demonstrated that he can settle down and be a father. The thing about this guy is that his past will always be his future.

He’s been with this woman since he was in college, now he wants to leave her for you. Do you think she’s going to disappear? Who’s he going to live with? Are you going to sleep on their couch until the divorce is final? Can he move into your mother’s house? This guy will talk the shit out of you and promise to be there, but the same reason he left his old family is the same reason he’ll leave you—boredom.

When people have kids the romance changes, the sex changes, everything changes. You either adopt and still do your thing, or you give into the stress and start to hate the other person.

Clearly the let’s start a new family guy didn’t have the patience. He could be a good guy to you, but I suggest learning everything you can about his old family and the reason it didn’t work out.

Dennis Menez is a staff writer for Teen Network Magazine

Post Author: Teen Network

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