by David Mwenda This week Ezekiel Mutua the chairman of the KFCB is back on the headlines and it was not for any good reason well from my point of view.  Let me go through this very quickly. Rafiki a film that was set to premiere at the Cannes Festival was banned. Reason it had very…Continue Reading “Untamed Talks: Banning of Rafiki a step back for our film industry”

By Esther Adwets He must have told you I’m his ex girlfriend, but that’s after you saw his beautifully candy coated lies on my Instagram (stalker alert). He must have told you I hurt him badly or maybe that we broke up over insecurity and distance, but oh boy, my insecurities weren’t groundless, they we just too…Continue Reading “OF SOULS AND SCARS : Letter from a girl with a golden heart💛”